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    July 26, 2016 Update. We're so excited to share that our summer program was a huge success and we're now raising money to publish a book written by Jumpstart Kids. For more information please visit our crowdfunding campaign page on Next Chapter. All the money raised will support Hong Kong Dog Rescue. Thanks for your support!!


    July 11 - July 22, Sheung Wan / 10 - 1PM


    This summer, Jumpstart magazine (jumpstartmag.com) is running a two-week summer program for kid entrepreneurs ages 8-12. The bootcamp-style program will be held in Sheung Wan at Paperclip Startup Campus and will run Monday to Friday (July 11-22, 10am – 1pm). Kids will learn important entrepreneurial (and life) skills such as creative brainstorming, market research, packaging their product, budgeting, blogging, basic accounting and how to work in a group. The program is run in English and is open to a maximum of 15 students with a guaranteed 5-to-1 student-teacher ratio.


    Program Update: June 28, 2016


    We're excited to partner with Bookazine, Hong Kong's best and friendliest general-purpose bookstore and announce that this program's theme will be creating a book! It may be a kids guide to Hong Kong, a puzzle book, a book of favorite recipes -- this part is up to the group to brainstorm and develop. The best part is the finished product will be available at all Bookazine locations with proceeds going to charity (of kids choice).


    We're also excited to announce that Bernice Lee, the founder of the Etiquette & Leadership Institute will be joining to give a short business etiqutte workshop on how to be a professional entrepreneur. Everyone will walk away knowing how to give a great handshake and how to be confident and prepared for meetings.


    Also, Jumpstart's Content Strategist at Jumpstart Magazine, Regina Larkö, will introduce kids to blogging and show them how it can be used to market their idea, and best tricks to create amazing content that everyone will notice.



    • Free daily lunches
    • Certificate of completion
    • Published book in Bookazine and as an Ebook on Amazon.
    • Write-up in Jumpstart Magazine about the program with your kid’s names/photos (with permission)



  • The Blog

    Jumpstart Kids blog about their day

  • Skills

    Here are some of the skills your kids will learn


    Students will have a chance to consider resources available to them and brainstorm on how to generate income over a short period. We will be using mind mapping strategies to generate as many ideas as possible and deduction method to narrow down our focus to the best idea to start working on.

    Market Research

    What are some of the gaps in the marketplace? Who and where is your target audience? Students will conduct internet research and surveys to answer these questions and to help define what startup idea they come up with.


    How can we create attractive packaging that's also environmentally friendly and not expensive? We'll explore what's available to come up with interesting packaging ideas.


    During the process of generating ideas, we will also be looking into budgeting and how we can design/produce our products/services using the limited resources that are available to us. We will be learning basic accounting as well as profit and loss calculations for every business project that we will be attempting in order to figure out which project will generate the most revenue for the least effort/resource.


    Students will have a chance to record their journeys by writing a daily blog about their experience, ideas and discoveries.

    Working as a Group

    Some kids are shy, some are loud, some are great at presenting, others may enjoy writing. How can everyone work together, participate, make new friends and have fun?

  • Location

    The workshop will be held at Paperclip Startup Campus

    3/F, Nam Wo Hong Building, 148 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

  • Program Cost

    Hurry and sign-up for our July 11 - July 22nd, 2016 session!

    Regular Price - $6,500 (Discount Available!)

    We'll be accepting up to 15 applicants for our summer course. Sign-up soon to claim your spot.

    Referral $500 HKD off

    Refer friends (classmates, cousins, etc) and enjoy $500 HKD off per each referred child.

  • Organizers & Supporters

    Yana Robbins

    Yana is the Founder of Jumpstart Magazine, Hong Kong's first startup publication launched in 2014. In a few short years (all while becoming a new mom) Jumpstart has grown to become a well known magazine in Hong Kong's rapidly expanding startup community.


    Yana brings 15+ years of expertise in the fields of e-commerce, marketing and design. She's excited to work with kids this summer and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs.

    Bernice Lee

    Bernice has founded ELI (the Etiquette & Leadership Institute) to foster good manners and positive leadership traits in young people. Instilled with poise and confidence, her students can handle social situations with dignity, grace, and maturity – a skill that will help them succeed in any career they choose. Her vision is to create communities strengthened by friendliness, courtesy and respect.

    Regina Larkö

    Regina is Content Strategist at Jumpstart Magazine.

    Most recently she supported clients like The Economist with programming, marketing, communications, speaker acquisition and research.


    Regina is always on the look out for inspiring entrepreneurial stories and makes sure to share them with the startup community. Regina will introduce the kids to blogging and show them how it can be used to market their idea. She will teach them the best tricks to create amazing content that everyone will notice.

  • FAQ's

    Q. How many students will be taking this workshop?

    Classes are capped at 15 students, with a 5-to-1 student to teacher ratio.


    Q. My child is very quiet/introverted. Will he/she be able to fit into a group setting?

    A. We believe that the key to being able to effectively work together in groups is to tap into the group dynamics which often consist of people from different and diverse backgrounds, character traits and talents. The small group settings (4-6 children) will ensure that the children have plenty of opportunities to get comfortable with each other, to share/interact/exchange ideas and to form meaningful relationships with their teammates. We believe that these small group settings are the best place for children to develop their self-confidence and communication skills while learning to work together towards a common goal.


    Q. Is lunch included?

    Yes! Lunches/drinks will be provided daily. Sandwiches/drinks/fruit. If your child has any allergies please let us know in advance. You're also welcome to bring a lunch with you.


    Q. How do I sign-up?

    Please email us to receive an application and payment information.

  • Our Sponsors

    Established in 1985, Bookazine is Hong Kong's best and friendliest general-purpose bookstore. We are so thrilled to partner with Bookazine as they will be carrying our kids final project (the book) at 8 of their locations.

    Thanks ChewsWize team for supporting our program! Students are going to love their "Kids" snack boxes which are nut-free, and parents can appreciate that it's a healthy treat. You can learn more about their company on Jumpstart or visit their website, at ChewsWize.com

    Thanks Moinarchy team for supporting Jumpstart Kids! Students are going to love their keepsake box to keep all their precious memories; such a cute design and so practical with 3 compartments! You can learn more about their company on http://jumpstartmag.com/interviews/interview-with-moinarchy-diy-science-and-craft-kits/ or visit their website, atwww.moinarchy.com

    NOSH believes in re-inventing the food delivery business in Hong Kong. They offer fresh and healthy meals delivered daily to offices, schools and homes. All of the recipes are under 550 calories and made with the best seasonal ingredients sourced globally.

    Website: www.NOSH.hk | Kitchen@nosh.hk


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