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    Welcome to the Jumpstart Kids x The Wave 2018 homepage

    Jumpstart Kids X The Wave 是為期一周的暑假課程,對象是8至12歲的小小創業家。課程由 Jumpstart Media 主辦,The Wave 協辦。

    Jumpstart Kids X The Wave is a one week (Monday to Friday) summer program for kidtrepreneurs aged 8 to 12. Workshops are hosted by Jumpstart Media, and co-organized by The Wave.


    Jumpstart Media 是個綜合網絡媒體及印刷媒體的平台,內容主要為亞太地區初創企業社群的資訊和動態。

    Jumpstart Media produces a hybrid print magazine/digital platform in Hong Kong that is dedicated to Asian startups and the region's entrepreneurial communities.


    The Wave 是一個24小時開放的綜合商業平台, 致力為創業家提供空間以應付創業路上之不同需要。

    The Wave is a 24-hour integrated business platform, dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with spaces to meet the different needs of their ventures.


  • 小小創業家

    Jumpstart Kids Workshops


    One week (Monday to Friday) Summer Program for Kidtrepreneurs aged 8 to 1



    Workshops in Cantonese

    7月30日 - 8月3日(星期一至五)

    July 30 - August 3 (Monday to Friday)

    Limited Spaces Available Now!



    Workshops in English

    7月23日 - 7月27日(星期一至五)

    July 23 - July 27 (Monday to Friday)

    已滿 | Full


    下載此可填寫的PDF表格,並將填好的表格發送至 info@jumpstartmag.com

    Download this fillable pdf form, and email us the completed form at info@jumpstartmag.com

  • 相片



    One kidtrepreneur reading the comic-style book co-authored by the kids in the program.

    Nigel 正分享他在工作坊的得著。

    Nigel shares his takeaways from the workshop.

    為了慈善,少少創業家們學會做環保番梘。 洗手不是看起來那麼簡單!

    For charity, our kidtrepreneurs learned to make recycled soap. Washing hands isn’t as simple as it seems!

    感謝 Hello Toby 為我們帶來嘻哈舞導師,讓小小創業家們可以享受跳舞的樂趣!

    Our kidtrepreneurs got to bust out some dance moves thanks to a Hip Hop teacher found by Hello Toby!

    來自 ORii 的 Kevin 教導同學如何用設計思維處理問題。

    Kevin from ORii taught students how to creatively solve problems through design thinking.

    Jumpstart Kids 2017所得盈利已全數捐予救狗之家(HKDR)。

    All the proceeds from Jumpstart Kids 2017 were donated to Hong Kong Dog Rescue.

  • 2017 精彩回顧

    A look back at our 2017 program

    什麼是企業家?你想成為一個嗎? 讓我們看看這些小小創業家他們學到了什麼。

    What's an entrepreneur? Do you want to become one? Let's see what these kids about what they've learned.

  • Jumpstart Kids 2017 精選

    Jumpstart Kids 2017 Highlights

    Pascale, 2017 小小創業家

    Pascale, 2017 Kidtrepreneur

    “我們學習了很多群眾集資方面的知識,我以前從未聽說過眾籌,現在多了很多認識。Next Chapter的想法很酷,我可能會嘗試一下。”

    "We learned a lot about crowdfunding, I'd never even heard of crowdfunding before, but now I know a lot about it. Next Chapter is a cool idea and I might go on it."

    Gus, 2017 小小創業家,11歲

    Gus 2017 Kidtrepreneur, age 11


    "I like ORII because they had this design thinking workshop where multiple people develop one idea and combine to make it an even better idea."

    James Kwan, Jumpstart Media董事總經理

    James Kwan, Managing Director of Jumpstart Media


    We hope that our non-traditional curriculum will provide a memorable and fun experience for the kids and also encourage them to take risks in their future entrepreneurial endeavors. All the profit generated from this program was donated to charity!"

    Pars, 2017 小小創業家,8歲

    Pars, 2017 Kidentrepreneur, age 8


    "I like Nanoleaf because they let us play with the lights and it was really cool. It's the next generation of lighting!"

  • 涵蓋內容



    Sharing Economy

    在這種經濟模式中,人們可以通過網絡平台把閒置的資源或技能與有需要的人共享。例子包括 Uber 及 Airbnb。

    The Sharing Economy is a model in which individuals can borrow or rent someone else’s possessions. Examples are Airbnb and Uber.



    社會大眾發揮群體集結的力量,透過小額資金的贊助,支持個人或組織使其目標或專案得以執行完成。著名的平台有:Kickstarter, Indiegogo 和 Next Chapter.

    Crowdfunding is a way to fund a project or venture by raising money from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small amount. Well-known platforms for crowdfunding are Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Next Chapter.


    Travel Tech

    又名為旅遊科技,是將資訊及通訊科技應用到觀光旅遊業的產業模式。例子有Kayak, SkyScanner 和 Expedia。

    Travel Tech is also called Tourism Technology. It’s the combination of technology with the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. Examples include Kayak, Skyscanner, and Expedia.



    電子商務是指通過互聯網傳輸信息,進行在線購買或銷售交易。例子有亞馬遜,eBay 和阿里巴巴。

    E-commerce uses the Internet as a marketplace and allows people to buy and sell products on the Internet. Examples are Amazon, Ebay, and Alibaba.


    Social Enterprise

    社會企業是通過應用商業策略,為人類社會和保護環境謀求最大福祉的企業。Clean the World 是一個例子。

    A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being. Clean the World is one example.


    Design Thinking


    Design Thinking is a problem-solving methodology that focuses on the solution rather than the problem. It is action-oriented and is used in design to create solutions for a better future.

  • 商業技能





    Students will be asked to consider the resources available to them and brainstorm creative ideas in a short period of time. We will be using mind-mapping strategies to generate as many ideas as possible, and teach methods to narrow down the ideas to the best and most feasible option.




    Budgeting is a key part of whether an idea generated during the brainstorming is feasible or not. We will explore how to get the most out of limited resources and learn basic accounting as well as profit and loss calculations. The ​kidtrepreneurs will then be able to identify which of their business projects will generate the most revenue with the least use of resources.


    Public Speaking


    Public speaking is the process of communicating information to a large number of people. It is one of the most important and most dreaded forms of communication. However, mastering this essential skill can help kids to gain self-confidence and convey messages effectively.




    Teamwork is crucial in many settings but is sometimes a hard skill to learn. It requires collaborative effort to achieve a common goal and using people’s strengths to get there. Everyone is unique: some people are shy, some people are loud; some people are mathematical and some are artistic. Teamwork is about utilizing that uniqueness to work together and build something great.

  • 課程詳情

    Program Details


    Workshops in Cantonese

    7月30日 - 8月3日(星期一至五)

    July 30 - August 3 (Monday to Friday)

    上午9:30 至下午12:30

    9:30am - 12:30pm

    The Wave | 觀塘興業街4號

    Limited Spaces Available Now!



    Workshops in English

    7月23日 - 7月27日(星期一至五)

    July 23 - July 27 (Monday to Friday)

    上午9:30 至下午12:30

    9:30am - 12:30pm

    Spaces | 4 – 6/F, Lee Garden Three, 1 Sunning Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

    已滿 | Full



    Sign-up soon to claim your spot.


    Sibling Discount


    Sibling sign-up will enjoy a 5% discount.


    Please make payment by one of the following methods:


    1. 銀行存款 - 匯豐銀行賬戶817-888-605-838

    (賬戶名稱:Jumpstart Media Limited


    2. 支票抬頭寫“Jumpstart Media Limited”,郵寄至香港中環德輔道33號9樓


    1. Bank deposit - HSBC account 817-888-605-838

    (Account Name: Jumpstart Media Limited)

    Email pay-in /ATM slip to us with your child's name.


    2. a check made out to “Jumpstart Media Limited” and sent to 9F, 33 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong

  • 為未來的小小創業家贊助獎學金

    Sponsor a scholarship for future Kidtrepreneurs

    這些獎學金將贈予有經濟困難的本地學生。我們有4個贊助名額 (Jumpstart Kids 贊助2個, The Wave 贊助2個),每個為3,995港元。

    These scholarships will be awarded to students who are in under-represented communities. We have 4 scholarships remaining at HK$3,995 (per scholarship).



    By the end of the program, we will help the kids to self-publish a book about their startup journey. You will be recognized as a scholarship sponsor in the book.


    如果您想以贊助商身份參加今年的活動,請發送電子郵件至info@jumpstartmag.com或致電Chloe(852 5426 5703),告知我們您可以贊助的程度。

    If you would like to participate in this year’s event as a sponsor, please email us at chloe@jumpstartmag.com or call Chloe (+852 5426 5703) with the level of sponsorship you could provide.

  • 地點

    The Wave


  • Location

    Spaces -

    4 – 6/F, Lee Garden Three, 1 Sunning Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

  • 關於我們

    About Us

    James Kwan

    James是Jumpstart Media的董事總經理,Jumpstart Media在2014年推出香港第一份創業刊物,現已迅速擴張,發展成香港創業社群中的知名雜誌。




    James is the Managing Director of Jumpstart Media, Hong Kong’s first startup print publication launched in 2014. Jumpstart has grown to become a well known magazine in Hong Kong’s rapidly expanding startup community.


    James is originally from New York, a father of 3 kids and a serial entrepreneur. His first summer job at age 14 was a summer camp counselor. He’s excited to work with kids this summer and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs!

    Anita Chan

    Anita Chan是Sam the Local其中一個共同創辦人,這個平台將人們連結起來提供私人的個人化體驗。她也是Jumpstart Media的社區參與主任和貢獻者。在成立Sam the Local之前,Anita曾在Crocs的區域市場部門工作,在Logitech負責過項目管理及溝通。




    Anita Chan is one of the Co-Founders of Sam the Local, a platform that connects people for private, customized experiences. She is also the Director of Community Engagement and contributor at Jumpstart Media. Prior to founding Sam the Local, Anita worked at Crocs in regional marketing and Logitech in project management and communications.


    Anita is originally from San Francisco, and fell in love with Hong Kong during a vacation, and made it a point to move here.

    Chloe Wong

    Chloe現任Jumpstart Media內容開發副總監,負責監督香港創業生態內容製作的策略和執行。


    她在多個項目中擔任新聞記者和新聞主播,因此需要採訪一系列創業家,投資者和行業專家。 Chloe將向孩子們介紹如何以令人信服的方式講述故事,並向他們展示講故事如何成為銷售想法和產品的有力工具。


    Chloe is currently the Associate Director of Content Development at Jumpstart Media, overseeing the strategy and execution of content production dedicated to the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong.


    She cut her teeth on working as a journalist and news anchor on multiple projects which entailed interviewing an array of startup founders, investors, and industry experts. Chloe will introduce the kids how to tell stories in a compelling way and show them how storytelling can be a powerful tool to market the ideas and products.

    Tiffany Wong

    作為Jumpstart Media內容運營副總監,Tiffany負責雜誌的製作和發行,以及確保Jumpstart網絡平台正常運作。她更為Jumpstart的印刷和電子出版物以及宣傳品提供大部分設計和排版。




    As the Associate Director of Content Operations at Jumpstart Media, Tiffany looks after the production and distribution of the magazine, and the operation of Jumpstart’s digital platforms to make sure everything works well. She also does most of the designs and layouts for Jumpstart’s both print and digital publications, as well as marketing materials.


    She has a lot of ideas and is keen on trying out different ways of realizing them. She will help the kids in developing their ideas and forming workable solutions.

    Nicolette Tong

    Nicolette Tong現任The Wave執行副總裁,負責公司行政管理,人力資源,營運,制定公司方針丶策略和分析客户需求。曾於不同領域工作,與不同文化丶種族丶背景及理念的朋友工作,我深信凡事以人為本,互相尊重,堅持及努力不懈。世界進步一日千里,要放眼世界,趕緊步伐。


    作為一個在職媽媽,我相信 每個孩子是獨特,靈巧,有創意,有夢想,我期待今個暑假能共你們一起走到同一天空下,一起追夢,一起探究,一起成長。

    Stef Lau

    Stef現任The Wave業務發展經理,負責Wave Ask Me Anything,Wave Academy及Wave Innovation Facilitation的所有統籌,市場策劃及主持。



    Noelle Lam

    作為The Wave的Community Builder,Noelle負責為這個「小社區」籌備及宣傳恆常活動,讓小社區內不同才能的人走在一起,互相了解及認識,擴大圈子,建立同一屋簷下守望相助的精神。



  • 常見問題



    How many students will be taking this workshop?



    Classes are capped at the range of 15 students, with a guarantee of 4-to-1 student to teacher ratio.



    My child is very quiet/introverted. Will he/she be able to fit into a group setting?



    We believe that the key to being able to effectively work together in groups is to tap into the group dynamics which often consist of people from different and diverse backgrounds, character traits and talents. The small group settings will ensure that the children have plenty of opportunities to get comfortable with each other, to share/interact/exchange ideas and to form meaningful relationships with their teammates. We believe that these small group settings are the best place for children to develop their self-confidence and communication skills while learning to work together towards a common goal.



    Is lunch included?



    Yes! Healthy lunches and natural juices will be provided daily. If your child has any allergies please let us know in advance. Students are also welcome to bring their own lunch.



    How do I sign-up?



    Fill out the form below or email us at info@jumpstartmag.com

    We will contact you individually after we receive your form.



    Q. If I want to cancel after registration, will I receive a refund?


    A:5月1日前取消課程 - 100%退款

    6月1日前取消課程 - 50%退款


    Cancel class before 1 May - 100% Refund

    Cancel class before 1 June - 50% Refund

    No refund is allowed after 1 July

  • 立即報名!

    Sign up now!

    請下載這份互動式pdf, 填妥後電郵至 info@jumpstartmag.com​​
    Download this fillable pdf form, and email us the completed form at info@jumpstartmag.com

  • 聯絡我們

    Contact Us

    如有任何查詢, 歡迎致電+852 5426 5703 (Chloe) 或電郵至info@jumpstartmag.com

    For more information, email us at chloe@jumpstartmag.com or call Chloe

    (+852 5426 5703)

  • 主要贊助

    Anchor Sponsors

    The Wave 是一個綜合性的共作空間,旨在建立一個多元化的社區,提供充滿活力的空間和良好的體驗。


    The Wave 贊助了場地以及2個獎學金。


    Originating in Amsterdam, Spaces was built on the idea that success breeds more success. Spaces offers creative working environments with a unique entrepreneurial spirit.

  • 合作夥伴

    Supporting partners