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    James Kwan

    James is the Managing Director of Jumpstart Media, Hong Kong’s first startup print publication launched in 2014. Jumpstart has grown to become a well known magazine in Hong Kong’s rapidly expanding startup community.


    James is originally from New York, a father of 3 kids and a serial entrepreneur. His first summer job at age 14 was a summer camp counselor. He’s excited to work with kids this summer and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs!

    Anita Chan

    Anita Chan is one of the Co-Founders of Sam the Local, a platform that connects people for private, customized experiences. She is also the Director of Community Engagement and contributor at Jumpstart Media. Prior to founding Sam the Local, Anita worked at Crocs in regional marketing and Logitech in project management and communications.


    Anita is originally from San Francisco, and fell in love with Hong Kong during a vacation, and made it a point to move here.

    Chloe Wong

    Chloe is currently the Associate Director of Content Development at Jumpstart Media, overseeing the strategy and execution of content production dedicated to the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong.


    She cut her teeth on working as a journalist and news anchor on multiple projects which entailed interviewing an array of startup founders, investors, and industry experts. Chloe will introduce the kids how to tell stories in a compelling way and show them how storytelling can be a powerful tool to market them ideas and products.


    Tiffany Wong

    As the Associate Director of Content Operations at Jumpstart Media, Tiffany looks after the production and distribution of the magazine, and the operation of Jumpstart’s digital platforms to make sure everything works well. She also does most of the designs and layouts for Jumpstart’s both print and digital publications, as well as marketing materials.


    She has a lot of ideas and is keen on trying out different ways of realizing them. She will help the kids in developing their ideas and forming workable solutions.