• Skills

    What are the skills your kids will learn?


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    Students will have a chance to consider resources available to them and brainstorm on how to generate income over a short period.


    We will be using mind mapping strategies to generate as many ideas as possible and deduction method to narrow down our focus to the best idea to start working on.


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    During the process of generating ideas, we will also be looking into budgeting and how we can design/produce our products/services using the limited resources that are available to us.


    We will be learning basic accounting as well as profit and loss calculations for every business project that we will be attempting in order to figure out which project will generate the most revenue for the least effort/resource.

    Market Research

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    What are some of the gaps in the marketplace? Who and where is your target audience?


    Students will conduct internet research and surveys to answer these questions and to help define what startup idea they come up with.


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    How can we create attractive packaging that's also environmentally friendly and not expensive?


    We'll explore what's available to come up with interesting packaging ideas.


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    Students will have a chance to record their journeys by writing a daily blog about their experience, ideas and discoveries.


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    Some kids are shy, some are loud, some are great at presenting, others may enjoy writing.


    How can everyone work together, participate, make new friends and have fun?